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Change your clothing habits

My dressing

All your outfits in pictures in your virtual dressing

Favorite outfit(s)

Enjoy your favorite outfits directly in your smartphone


Live fashion news


You can take a selfie with your outfit everyday


Synchronise your outfit and your schedule or events.


Search through your dressing for the perfect outfit

The app

Dressed and Date is your new daily partner helping you to find an answer to the never ending question "What the f*** am I gonna wear today ?"

Dress for work, to meet your friends or meet him… Forget about the taste mistakes, synchronize your events with your outfits… Think about what I have and which item I want to put together, avoid wasting time and save it for my brushing or for snoozing my alarm.

The Dressed and Date app becomes a virtual ally to capture a perfect outfit moment. 

The assets.

Take a look at the essential tools of your app.

My dressing

Create your virtual dressing thanks to your selfies. No more headaches because of what you have to wear.
3 ways to make sure you get the perfect look and feel good. You can choose:
- Visualize the whole of your virtual dressing
- Use key-words to find a perfect outfit for your event
- Choose directly from your Top Outfits and select one of your favorites.

My schedule

Synchronize your electronic schedule with your outfits. Dressed and Date set up a simple and efficient function.

Perfectly match your outfits with the events of your day.

Thanks to this new feature, your app will become a must-have in your planning !


Follow all the news from Dressed and Date to find out about the latest trends. You won’t have any more excuses for not being up to date.

The Dressed and Date blog will enable you to fill in, accessorize and build your new dressing.

You’ll definitely make your girlfriends jealous!

The Screens

Live the Dressed and Date experience

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